Family Role for Kids

Parents and Family as Co-Regulators: Parents have an incredible ability to help their children, but as we all know, you need to wear your own life jacket before helping someone else. Our Parent programming is designed to be supportive to parents helping them learn and build upon positive parenting strategies, in addition to teaching them the same skills their children are learning so that the parents can help the children implement at home.
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How Can We Help?
Our intake team is here to help and answer any questions you have.
Insurance Accepted
We are in network with BlueCross, Tricare and we can work with most insurance companies
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The Joint Commission
All our facilities have the Gold Seal to ensure you and your family are getting quality care.
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What is family role?

Parents will come to treatment on their own specified day and participate in their own groups which can be conducted via teletherapy.

Benefits of understanding your family role

Educational group for parents will cover what their children have been learning in order to support the continued development of skills at home, as well as learn their own skillset for coping. 

What do they do during family group?

Parenting support groups are provided to talk about the children in a safe, appropriate environment without impacting the child’s self-esteem, self-worth, or attention-seeking behaviors. 

When is family role needed?

Remember, we are here to help you as parents.  You are not alone.

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