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We believe in every child's potential


Our team of trained specialist will assess and treat a wide range of conditions and concerns. At Balance Kids, we aim for excellence and have created an environment which positive growth is made possible.



Our Program


    Ronald D. Sager, M.D. has worked to design a program specifically for kids.  Dr. Sager is a triple board certified psychiatrist in General Psychiatry, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, and Addiction Psychiatry.  His background includes extensive experience with children and adolescents in both inpatient and outpatient settings in southern California.  Dr. Sager understands the importance of providing support at such a critical time of a child’s development.  His broad experience has informed a balanced, evidence-based program that can create real and lasting change. 

    The team at Balance has a vast range of skills and specialties that combine to provide an unmatched supportive experience for your kids.  Our team is able to provide a broad variety of evidence-based treatment methods such as group and family therapy, social skills, cognitive behavioral therapy, zones, positive parenting, and biofeedback.

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    At Balance it is our vision to help everyone grow! Our program for kids is designed to both create and to strengthen the foundation that will help support kids through their childhood and adolescence into their adulthood.  We will work to facilitate the changes needed to strengthen their support system.  We will practice skills to help them regulate their minds and bodies.  Our program has built-in support for families, and we believe our supportive approach can cause real and lasting change.


    Your child’s care will take place in the setting that’s best for their needs. This includes Balance Kids, a peaceful, healing environment for outpatient (same-day) care.

    The space that surrounds us is an important to consider when we are working to create positive growth and development.  Balance Kids has made every effort to help our clients feel nurtured and comfortable when they are with us.  

    We understand the power of providing them an environment that is both safe and secure while also being able to reduce stress and promote well-being.

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    Our mission is to help every child

    At Balance Kids, we believe that everyone can live the life they desire.

    Licensed Therapists

    Our team of skilled mental health clinicians is experienced and equipped to help kids broaden their skills and continue in their development.


    We are in-network with Blue Cross and Tricare and are able to work with all major insurance companies to help make treatment accessible for your family.


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